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Startup Spotlight: LinguaSys (Miami Herald)

Startup Spotlight: LinguaSys (Miami Herald)

Concept: LinguaSys software allows computers to “understand” human text, making it possible for people to communicate with devices and for companies to extract critical information from vast amounts of text in different languages. Linguasys, an IBM business partner, also provides big data text analytics, for example helping companies understand what customers are saying about them on social media like Twitter or Facebook in multiple languages.

The Art of Crowdfunding, it’s not science!

Today LinguaSys ventures into the modern world of crowdfunding, sort of. True crowdfunding is more the wild west of allowing anyone to invest in your startup. Whether true crowdfunding works or doesn’t work is to be seen at some future point when the SEC defines the rules. The crowdfunding that we launch today, on still requires that all potential investors be “accredited” based on the SEC rules that the investor must be able to prove that they either 1) make greater than $200K a year and for at least 2 years, or 2) have assets (excluding their home that they live in) greater than $1,000,000 USD. It’s a smart rule because it is meant to protect folks that really don’t have thousands of dollars of discretionary dollars to spend on a very risky investment. The advantages for LinguaSys are many. For one thing, to attract angel investors in the past, I had to drive up and down the Florida coast going to angel group meeting to pitch and find one angel at a time. Not a very smart way to find angel investors, but the only one available until last fall. Now we can use a web site, and a marketing plan to reach the eyeballs of “accredited investors” in the hopes that they will come to and read our story, watch our video, and, hopefully, make the decision to invest in LinguaSys.
I am really looking forward to the post analysis. There are marketing and sales trends which may or may not be put in play. For example, what will be the conversion rate of people that visit our site to people that ask to sign the NDA and get an even closer look at our company. And what will be the final conversion rate of people who sign the NDA to people who commit to buy stock. This is all so new that it is an exciting proposition that we can help write the book on what does and doesn’t work in a crowdfund exercise.
Of course I am extremely partial in my feelings about investing in LinguaSys, and I agree that something is not the same when the investor cannot experience the exuberance and intensity of an investor pitch face to face, but I will still be happy to get on the phone with anyone who wants to talk about LinguaSys as an investment. I certainly won’t miss the driving part.
I could have spent this blog writing about our incredible semantic based natural language technology, that can understand, analyze, and translate in 17 languages currently, with more to come. I could have talked about all of the large logo clients that are currently using our technology to save money, react faster, and create new sales opportunities by embracing LinguaSys technology. Instead, I’ll just invite you to link over to and read our story. I think you will be impressed.
B Garr, CEO

Frost & Sullivan Names LinguaSys Exceptional Early Stage Investment in the USA

Frost & Sullivan Names LinguaSys Exceptional Early Stage Investment in the USA

Frost & Sullivan has presented LinguaSys, Inc., a leader in multilingual natural language processing and analytical solutions, with its 2013 North American Early Stage Investment Opportunity Award in the Internet Software and Service Industry.

LinguaSys CEO Brian Garr Explains How To Generate Understanding From Social Media (Virtual Strategy)

LinguaSys CEO Brian Garr Explains How To Generate Understanding From Social Media (Virtual Strategy)

Boca Raton, FL (PRWEB) November 06, 2013

Brian Garr, CEO of LinguaSys, Inc., who previously led IBM efforts in voice and machine translation for a decade, will speak at Miami’s Big Data & Innovation Conference, November 13-14, about using cost effective multilingual technologies to profit by understanding all of your customers on social media.

At Garr’s #BIGDMI Summit session, (11:00 am Wednesday, November 13) attendees will learn about multilingual technologies including cross-lingual search, native language sentiment analysis, native language entity extraction, understanding best practices and identifying which technologies add maximum value for specific searches.


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